Choice: the fuel of Creativity



I’ve learned, and am continuing to learn, that many things are required in the building of guitars; skills, tools, advice, patience, etc.  The one component, however, that I find to be the most intriguing, challenging, and time consuming is choice.  Every single step in the process (wood, components, glue, inlay, bracing, finish, etc.) involves the consideration of hundreds, even thousands of possibilities, each which much be given proper thought.  Once chosen, that course of approach necessarily excludes all others and then leads to the next round of engineering, design choices.  This takes time.  And for me – a lot of time!

Right now I have four cigar box guitars on my bench. a return to my roots in guitar building, if you will.  One, a commission, is a three string slide guitar, another is a four string “lefty,” the third is a three string resonator (for which I am using an inverted dog dish), and the fourth is a six string electric.  I have spent hours contemplating the possibilities of each one.

I have a chair in my workshop.  Occasionally my wife, Ramona, will come out and find me seated there.  “I thought you were building guitars,” she’ll say.  My response is always the same:  “I am!”

Choices, possibilities, decisions – all provide the creative flow of life.


4 thoughts on “Choice: the fuel of Creativity

  1. Doc

    Seems to me that enterprises such as guitar building reflect basic fundamentals of life. Migrate, mutate, adapt, diversify, or die: your choice. I find it to be true in playing the guitar: If the song’s not coming together in the position in which you’re playing, you can change positions on the neck, change chord configuration, change the key, capo up, or bag it and go to another song. One of the keys to the degree of satisfaction experienced in any enterprise is learning to appreciate the reflection times provided by options & choices. A good chair is an essential tool.

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